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the flashy girl from flushing



after u check the bae’s instagram


nicki’s neck/cleavage/bun combo is honestly killing me 

aww i love nicki’s part in this video!! like shes usually the stand alone female mc of the video and rarely the girl friend/love interest

me sitting at the bus stop for 30 seconds:  where the bus

TBH i am not only super insecure about my body but im also uncomfortable about the space i occupy like i could be standing and just be stiff with anxiety

tbh when asian ppl tell me they like timothy de la ghetto what i hear is that they will consume black culture and adopt it for their own style/identity but never actually ride for black people

tbh im happy for and support woc who succeed in school but its wheb i see other woc sitting outside their classes waiting for their professors to dismiss them that im here for like yass im figuring out my shit too im not the only one that doesnt want to be here but feels like they have to


im back to eating mad carbs like rice n noodles cus tbh for awhile i went on my friends diet who basically eats exclysively protein aside from fruits n veggies like she has 10 eggs a day without yolk n i admired her commitment to tgat esp cus she had a phat ass. but i realized that her metabolism is way dofferent from mine and she looks the way she does cus she works out alot. n i see all these women who eat rice n shit look mad healthy n good so i was like magbe my
driends diet is bot for me





Back in the gym! 💪

I love his skin



tbh i dont have a consistent desired aesthetic like sometimes im a primmie and i wanna be this earthly glowing woman with thick thighs and wide hips n like now i go for like androgynous n really minimalistic with solid colors. and itll probbaly be different when ny
body changes even more.

im sitting outside my class eating these donuts i just bought from the cafeteria thinkin bout how these donuts better be going to my hips n thighs