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the flashy girl from flushing

i learnt to never complain about anything that happens at work to my coworkers even if theyre close to me and i really need to grt something off my chest. its just not a good look and if anybody involved wit the store asks me im fine everythings good cus they just waiting for you to slip up and say somethibg else

tokyo ghouls the only anime in a while to actually pique my interest like i just want to get work over wit and go home to watch

nobody is really fwu n u cant trust nobody tha only thing u gotta focus on is yaself ya shapeup and keeping ya piss a clear to faint yellow color

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Artist: Minnie Riperton

Lovin’ You | Minnie Riperton

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*nicki voice* it’s me!


who is they?

the fuck????

im tryna find this song thats like super ethereal and reminds me of waking up in the morning to sunshine and warmth … i feel like its music from orange is the new black but im not sure

idk if this is really how it is or its just the way im perceiving it and its a coincidence but my view of life changes when im by myself and when im with others… like when im with people right now i leave feeling very anxious and doubtful about my future and the choices im making but when im in my room just jammin to shit i like i feel so much happier … just like in tune with myself. it gives me hope that i can share that energy with other people in the future.
idk maybe i just need to introduce new people into my life


Fei Fei Sun, Vogue Japan.

céline resort 2014