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the flashy girl from flushing

bedpartymakeover replied to your post:my mom told me that xiao wen ju is the westerner’s…

My friends say that the Chinese models who are huge here, like Liu Wen and Fei Fei Sun, aren’t considered great beauties in China. They’re my faves tho so maybe I have that western gaze myself.

yeah i do too like my mom likes fan bing bing and hates all my faves ie gong li. at least she thinks beyonce’s pretty. she says janet jackson + whitney houston are considered beautiful in china too “for black girls” but thats a whole other discussion 

i was watching memoirs of a geisha and my mom stopped behind me during the scene in which michelle yeoh tells zhang ziyi to brush against her client’s leg but pass it off as an accident. i looked at my mom and we both laughed lmao

my mom told me that xiao wen ju is the westerner’s vision of the ideal “east asian” girl, the “mulan” look - small slanted eyes, button nose, small mouth and a smooth, flat complexion. 

wo de ma ya … the next week is going to be so trying … but at least ill have some oxy lmao 

ai ya wo de ma ya ….

Janet Mock looking celestial.

ai ya wo de ma ya ….


gurl me too


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Not taking any chances